Learning Unit

Motivational Strategies

Time: 50 min    Goal: Maintaining the motivation of students

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Time: 10 min

Motivating Students Online

Motivation is the key to sustained learning and effective internalisation. The teacher's ability to motivate students plays in a key role in all forms of teaching and learning. When you teach face-to-face, your contact with the students is direct and immediate, whereas in online teaching, direct interaction with students is not possible, making it harder for you to keep them motivated. You must therefore carefully maintain their motivation. Click on the link for a starter guide to motivational strategies and explanation of why they are necessary. Here, you'll also find recommendations for practical strategies to motivate online learners.

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Time: 10 min

Maintaining Motivation

It can be hard for students to maintain their motivation in any kind of learning environment, and there are particular challenges in online learning. For example, a lack of personal contact with teachers and peers, the absence of visual cues, and technical and internet access problems. This section explores self-assessment, language practice, and how you can help students strengthen their motivation.

License: The text "Maintaining Motivation. Keeping your Students engaged" by The Open University, via is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0.

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Time: 30 min

Additional Motivational Strategies

A wide range of strategies and diversity in online teaching can help maintain learners' enthusiasm. Click on the link to read six different accounts of the many possible strategies that can enrich online teaching.

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