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Time: 70 min    Goal: Learn about open access and find open access journals

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Time: 10 min

Introduction to Open Access

If you want to continue your professional development as a teacher or would like input for your lectures and seminars, you often need more information. Open Access Journals are one of the best ways to obtain a range of scientific information free of charge. Click on the link for an explanation of Open Access as well as some examples.

Information on Open Access 

Open access (OA) means free and unrestricted online access to scientific and scholarly information. The information platform satisfies the growing need for information on open access (OA) by gathering and bundling this information and processing it for various target groups and scenarios.
This website is tailored to the needs of the platform users, they also welcome your input. 

Content of

At you will find information on the core concepts and main forms of OA, for example on OA journals and repositories, on the origins of the OA movement, on OA business models and on legal issues relating to OA.

OA is a topical and forward-looking issue that attracts strong support worldwide. Arguments for OA include the increased visibility and impact of openly accessible scientific and scholarly texts, and the diverse possibilities for the re-use of research results by other scientists and scholars and the public at large. However, there are also reservations about OA.

The information platform offers users the possibility to approach OA from a thematic, discipline-specific, or role-specific perspective (for example as an author or the founder of a journal).

Help Desk

The project, funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), is offering a Help Desk to answer questions on open access.

REFERENCES + LICENSE: The work "Information on Open Access" by, via, is licensed under CC BY 4.0, rephrased and shortened by SEA-EU. 
Link to website:

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Time: 15 min

Platform SpringerOpen

Springer Open Platform offers both researchers seeking publication and readers seeking information the many advantages of open access. A range of journals and articles are freely available. Here, you’ll discover many relevant to university teaching, for example the “International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education”. Click on the link to access the journal’s home page, then use the menu bar to explore further, find videos on your chosen topics, or consult individual articles.

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Time: 45 min

Examples of Journals

Are you looking for reliable, credible journals to inform your teaching and learning? Or are you overwhelmed by the number of results on Google? Before proceeding further, click on these links for an overview of the go-to online destinations. The three lead to freely accessible periodicals covering a range of pedagogical and theoretical concepts and offering advice that could help further your personal and professional development. “Research in Learning Technology” from the Association for Learning Technology (ALT) offers information on technology-based learning and teaching. AJET, the “Australian Journal of Educational Technology” sheds light on a range of issues around integrating technology into teaching and learning as well as providing insights into policy. JIME, the “Journal of Interactive Media in Education” focuses on topics that arise from teaching with and through technology and on the implications and use of digital media in teaching and learning.

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