Enable Participation

Enable Participation

Learning Unit

Individual Learning Pathways

Time: 60 min    Goal: Ways of enabling individual learning

  • #Engaging Students
  • #Independent Learning
  • #Individual Learning
  • #Individual Learning Pathways
  • #Learning Techniques
  • #Method
  • #Online Education
  • #Online Teaching
  • #Personal Learning
Time: 15 min

Foster Independent Learning

University-level study can be challenging for many students, because it relies more heavily on learner independence, self-reliance, and self-motivation than secondary school education. This article (see link) provides advice on how to foster independent learning in students and on how students can master individualised approaches to learning.

License: not freely licensed

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Time: 25 min

Individual Learning in eLearning

Online learning provision can provide access to individual learning pathways, where learners can pursue their personal interests and preferred approaches. The accompanying article from the E-Learning Industry Blog (see link) contains concrete suggestions on how personalised learning pathways can be integrated into e-learning provision. The paper also presents the benefits and challenges that can arise for both students and teachers in differentiated and adaptive learning.

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Time: 20 min

Research on Individual Learning Pathways

The paper "The Role of Individual Learning Pathways in Non-Threatening Teaching and Learning Environment Development" investigates how models used in Russian Higher Education can be applied in other contexts and identifies various principles that can help instructional designers address individual learning goals.

License: not freely licensed

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