Learning Unit

Hybrid Learning

Time: 40 min    Goal: Prepare a hybrid learning session

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Time: 15 min

Hybrid/HyFlex Teaching and Learning

Hybrid learning relies on a close combination of online and face-to-face teaching. In this method, instructors use technology to interact with their students regardless of distance and time zone. It allows learners to set and manage their own goals and learning. Follow the link for a presentation of the HyFlex learning concept courtesy of The Center for Teaching and Learning at New York's Columbia University. They explain in detail how this approach works and how a HyFlex Model course is constructed as well as crucial design issues.

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Time: 5 min

In-Person Teaching with Online Students

Delivering a lecture or seminar simultaneously for students who are physically present and learners taking part remotely is challenging. All learners must be equally engaged and both groups must have equal opportunity to take part in discussion. The linked video explains how you can design a hybrid lecture that meets these requirements and illustrates how the set-up of the lecture looks.

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Time: 20 min

Interview with Tim Flanagan on Hybrid Learning

Hybrid learning benefits both teachers and learners. Learners are able to attend lectures and seminars remotely and in their own time, giving them an experience equivalent to that of learners attending face-to-face. In this video, Ian O'Byrne and Tim Flanagan discuss the pros and cons of this method and Mr Flanagan talks about his experience with hybrid learning.

License: The video "Four Questions for Tim Flanagan on hybrid/blended learning #JAAL" by Ian O'Byrne, via is licensed under CC BY 3.0.

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