Learning Unit

Give Feedback

Time: 120 min    Goal: Why teacher feedback is important and ways of providing it

  • #Assessment
  • #Evaluation
  • #Examples
  • #Experiences
  • #Feedback
  • #Motivation
  • #Motivational Strategies
  • #Providing Feedback
  • #Tools
Time: 60 min

Providing Feedback to Students

Giving students feedback is central to teaching. Regardless of what you're teaching, your feedback can confirm, correct, and challenge your students' practices and progress. However, reflecting accurately on your students' learning process can also be complex. This video details different pedagogical strategies and technical tips on how to provide feedback in your online course.

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Time: 15 min

Feedback in Online Learning Environments

Feedback is key in education in general and is essential to enable your students to learn and make progress. Communication between learners and teachers should always be a key goal of tuition whether in blended learning or a fully online environment. This article addresses the role and impact of feedback in online teaching and discusses effective approaches to learning, ways to provide feedback, and useful tools amongst other issues.

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Time: 20 min

Create Effective Feedback with Education Technology

Students can learn twice as quickly with effective feedback. However, giving effective feedback can be more complex than it seems. The following article provides further information and runs through the main points in the process.

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Time: 25 min

Importance and Ways of Providing Feedback

In online teaching, giving students feedback has particular relevance. It is therefore important to give the topic careful consideration, explore the various ways of giving feedback, and learn more about how to carry out effective evaluations - as described in the accompanying six articles (see link).

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