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Time: 70 min    Goal: Consider the concept of copyright and understand what is meant by "fair use"

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Time: 10 min

Copyright Law – Overview

Many original works, such as articles, pictures, or videos are protected by law as intellectual property. What is copyright? What do you need to be aware of when a work is copyrighted? Are there any exemptions when the work is used for teaching? The video answers all of these questions - just click on the link.

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Time: 10 min

Basics of Copyright Law

Copyright protects the author by giving them rights that impose constraints on all other potential users. Follow the link for an explanation of the basic principles of copyright. It responds to questions such as: what is copyright? What is the duration of copyright? What does "protected by copyright" mean? What is meant by "the public domain"?

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Time: 30 min

Copyright and Fair Use

What do you need to know about "copyright and fair use"? Follow the link for a five-step guide with guidance and support for teachers and learners. It focuses on copyright in relation to new technologies.

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Time: 20 min

Fair Use Test and Checklist

"Fair use" is a provision of the Copyright Act. It provides that certain uses of copyrighted works do not constitute copyright infringement. There is a four-factor test to determine whether your use of a copyrighted work is “fair” and thus does not require the permission of the copyright owner. In the following, you can find an explanation of fair use and other educational uses that can function as a checklist to make sure that your use is fair.

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